Sunday Services

Worship Services are off site this Sunday! 

Sunday, September 20 at 10am we will meet at

88 South Smith Creek Road Sandpoint. 

Off of Highway 2 between Dover and Laclede

between mile markers 22 and 21. 

Catch the bus from the church, if you like, 

at 9:15 am on Sunday morning.

Click here for this week's sermon.

If you would like to be updated on events, please send an email to and we will add you to our email list.

We are a congregation of believers committed to sharing the message of

Christ and guiding others towards faith in Him. 

As a church, we aim to love those in our community with the same love Christ has given to us. 

The work of our church is aimed at directing others towards the Savior in the hopes that they

will encounter the one true God and be transformed by His gracious love for them. 

Through all we do, say, and preach, we pray that we will shine the light of Christ to all those we encounter.